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*If you have two devices to protect, you'll want to add two plans to your shopping cart so that both devices are protected.*


For around $2 a day, you'll have the most comprehensive hearing aid protection and services around!


The Comprehensive Care Coverage plan is our classic Smart Care plan, PLUS prection  It extends your:

  • Original Manufacturer Repair & Loss or Damage Coverage*
  • 10-Point Hearing Aid Checks at 4 Month Intervals
  • Supply allotments, including traditional batteries, filters, and domes
  • Adjustments and reprogramming of devices, including remote care assistance
  • Loaner devices so you're never without hearing should your current technology need to be sent for repair
  • Priority scheduling visits

*Loss or Damage coverage is extended if the original one-time replacement has not been used previously.


Enjoy complete coverage and happy hearing!

Comprehensive Care Annual Coverage (per Device)

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