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Similar in function to the Micro Mic, the Multi Mic by Resound is designed to make speech clearer for talkers at a distance or in a crowded situation, but packs an even bigger punch.  As its name describes, the microphone allows for multiple connections and solutions, allowing you a wireless, rechargeable, go-to solution.  


By placing the Multi Mic in the center of a table, gain access to speech sounds from around the tabletop.


The Multi Mic also offers a telecoil setting, allowing you direct access to sounds via telecoil connections at local theaters, churches, museums, and more.  If your hearing aid does not offer a telecoil, your Multi Mic brings that option to you.


Music mode on your Multi Mic allows you to wirelessly listen to audio from any device that can connect via a 3mm audio plug.  Using a male-to-male 3 mm connector, enjoy crystal clear audio, tailored to your hearing needs directly in your hearing aids.


For those using an FM system, the Multi Mic by Resound allows you to connect your FM boot and take full advantage of your system through your Resound hearing aids.


With this many features and functions, the Multi Mic by Resound is a must-have feature in your hearing aid ecosystem.

Multi Mic by Resound

  • Warranty:  1-Year Manufacturer Repair Coverage

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