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The Oticon Connect Clip is your multi-purpose, hands-free hearing solution.  Enjoy hands-free streaming of phone calls, music, audio from your computer, or any device with a Bluetooth connection, directly in your wireless hearing aids.  


The remote microphone function allows the hearing aid wearer to hear talkers at a distance, such as in church, a meeting, or even in the car.  The talker clips the microphone on and sound is sent directly to the hearing aids.  In a crowded restaurant, place the microphone in the center of the table, and conversation is heard in the hearing aids, reducing effects frustrating of background noise.


With easy to see onboard controls, the Connect Clip also functions as a remote control, allowing the hearing aid wearer to adjust the volume, mute, and change programs in the hearing aid.


For information on using and pairing your Connect Clip, click here.

Oticon Connect Clip

  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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